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*General FAQ*

Q - Where should I wait for the bus?

- Calgary Tower - Base of the Calgary Tower by the blue City Centre Information sign. - Listed Hotel - Front of hotel or Lobby

Q - Seating, Special Needs, and Smoking

We follow these simple steps:

  1. All tour seating is based on a first come, first choice.
  2. HST will make every effort to accommodate a variety of special needs. Advisement of the special needs must be made prior to the tour date.
  3. Smoking is not prohibited during the driving portions of the tour. Patrons are welcomed to smoke in designated smoking areas, at all stops.

Q - Is my Service Dog allowed in the bus? - Service Animals

- Service dogs are permitted on our tours if they wear an identifying vest and the owner carries an identification card. - Pets are not permitted.

Q - What happens in the event of inclement weather?

- No matter what the weather is (rain or shine, sleet or snow), we provide our tours. - We can cancel the activity without adherence to the cancellation period only if weather conditions; governmental action; unforeseeable or unavoidable external circumstances endanger or make carrying out the activity impossible or substantially more difficult.

Q - Are your vehicles (van) wheelchair accessible?

We are sorry, our vehicles are not wheelchair accessible.

Q - Do you offer discount on 2nd or multiply trips?

Yes, we do. For every 2nd full day tour with us, we offer $25 discount for every person.

Q - Are small children and infants free of charge?

Yes, Infants & Small Children (5 & under) are free of charge.

Q - Are there washrooms in the bus?

Sorry, there are no washroom on the bus, but we have quiet few photo opportunity stops on our way, and some stops are with the outhouse or outdoor toilets (no running water), and some washrooms with running water.

Q - What to Bring?

- Camera (spare memory and spare battery),
- Sunglasses,
- Sunhat, - Hand Sanitizer,
- Drinking Water, - Insect Repellent.

Q - About Weather, Clothing & Footwear?

You might experience any kind of weather while you are here, so check the forecast and Dress Appropriately. Summer season: - comfortable clothing - if is cold or rain, be sure to bring extra layers, poncho/rain jacket. - comfortable runners, walking, or hiking shoes. Winter season: - comfortable, warm clothing with additional layers, be sure to bring a hat and mitts/gloves, - lightweight footwear that effectively keeps your feet dry and warm.

Q - While on-board?

As everybody likes to sit in a nice and clean vehicle, we are trying our best to keep our service vehicles clean, safe, disinfected and in good shape

- Coffee, Soft Drinks, Ice Cream, and Food are not allowed.
- Only Re-sealable water bottles are permitted.

*Drumheller Badlands Tour*

Q - Do we have to pay admission to Royal Tyrell Museum?


Admission to Royal Tyrell Museum is included in price of tour.

Q - How long will take to reach our first stop Horseshoe Canyon?

The driving distance from Calgary to Horseshoe Canyon is around 125km and takes approximately one hour and 20-30 minutes (1hr. 20-30 min).

Q - Do we have a time to hike Horseshoe Canyon?


This is short stop for the little break & photo opportunity, but at HooDoo you have time to wonder around.

Q - Were are we going to have a Lunch?

In summer time, the option for the lunch is Royal Tyrell Museums cafeteria, and rest of the year in downtown of Drumheller. And you can bring your own lunch too.

*Banff & Lake Louise Tour*

Q - Do we have to pay admission to Banff National Park?

No. Admission to Banff National Park is included in price of tour.

Q - Is Moraine Lake a part of the trip?


Moraine Lake road is usually open from early June to early October (depend on weather & road conditions), but closures and restrictions may happen at any time, in any location and without prior notice.

Q - How I should dress for this Banff & Lake Louise trip?

The key to being prepared for almost any weather conditions you may encounter anywhere in the mountains - is clothing you can layer.

Be sure you have a windproof/waterproof layer to wear on top of your other layers if necessary.

*Calgary City Tour*

Q - Is any specific time to do Calgary City Tour?


Our Regular City Tour starts at 9:00 am from Calgary Tower, but Private City Tour we can do any time.

Q - Is any extra charge for Private City Tour?


We charge an extra $10 per person on top of the Regular City Tour price.

Q - What is Calgary City Combo Tour?

It's our Regular Calgary City Tour plus the extra time of 1.5-2 hours for any reason you want to spend (Lunch, Attractions, Activities or Shopping).


*Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Tour*

Q - Do we have to pay admission for Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump site?

No. Admission to Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump site is included in price of tour.