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*** Thanks God *** No more Restrictions *** No more Mandates *** 
***No more Masks ***No more BS***

We hope from the bottom of our hearts that all those lies and mess with Covid-19 will end soon, so we can again start our beautiful Normal way of Life with a new experience that hopefully will teach us how important our freedom without fear is.

In all this, we as Calgary Tour Company a.k.a. Hammerhead Scenic Tours, have an obligation and our most important priority is to keep our guests safe & happy and to provide the most comfortable and real experience.

Lines of communication are the best way of strengthening trust and honest relationships with our guests and now is more important than ever to help each other to come through this scamdemic.


COVID-19 updates:

As a Government of Alberta’s relaunch strategy plans for safely reopening and resuming in-person operations, so we must follow. 


Health and Safety Policy

- As we always did, we will continue to keep our vehicles clean and disinfected. 

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