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Here is a small sample of comments left by our guests, throughout the years

Going on a tour with Peter (Hammer Head Scenic Tours) is not just seeing or discovering something new but it's the whole experience of all the important elements that make most valuable memories when we come back to our homes...It's the personal warmth, individual approach (small group), story, sceneries, drop of good humor. I'll always remember it with a smile and joy! Thank you, Petar! :)


Zagreb, Croatia

I really enjoyed the tour, Drumheller is a nice town and the landscape is amazing. We stopped at a lot of different places/viewpoints and Petar tells you all about the history, it was all very interesting. He even changed the route a bit for me so because I needed to dropped off in Drumheller at the end of the tour. Thanks!

Elisabeth H.

Heerenveen, Netherlands

I just came back on the tour of Banff and Lake Louise. Petar's knowledge, friendliness, and enthusiasm made our trip of three enjoyable and memorable. Petar truly went out of his way to make this day better than what we expected. A highly recommended tour guide! Don't book with anyone else!

Sal V.

Toronto, Canada

We did the half-day tour with Peter on 10/5/2010 and it was excellent. Peter is extremely knowledgeable and has a wonderful way of explaining things. He makes the city of Calgary come alive. By the end of the tour, it seemed like he became an old friend! We recommend this tour without reservation.

Bob S. & Kathy D.

Portland, USA

We did the tour to Banff & Lake Louise with the HammerHead. It was very interesting. We saw beautiful lakes, mountains, and animals. Peter said to us about the history of places. We had lunch at a wonderful restaurant in Banff. The team at HammerHead was very helpful and prepared. Thanks, Petar, we like very much the tour.

Henrique and Ana

Maceio, Brazil

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My friend & I were only in Calgary for a short stay so we booked the day trip to Banff & Lake Louise. We only had 3 on our day tour as today was Canada Day. What an awesome day to experience this beautiful country. Peter was fantastic. He is calm, & funny & makes you feel so welcome. The car queues were miles long but we bypassed them all to get to the best locations. He showed us great vantage points for amazing photo opportunities, was an encyclopedia full of knowledge - we even learned a thing or two about our own home of Australia!! We were so lucky to see an elk on the roadside & Petar stopped right by its side so we could get a photograph! I would highly recommend Hammerhead tours to all.


NSW, Australia

It was definitely one of the best tours I have ever had. :) I connected with Petar through emails arranging the tours and he always replied within 24 hours. At first, there weren't enough people on the tour so he referred us to other travel agencies. How nice/generous was that! I was amazed by his friendly attitude and service, thus I got back to him and waited for other people to join the tour. With that trust, we decided to go on two tours with Petar, both the Lake Louise and Banff Tour and the Waterton Lake Tour. 
When my friend and I met him in person, he is super friendly and very knowledgeable about the history of the different sites we visited. It is very nice to travel with such a small group (4-8 people) because you really get to customize your trip and stop whenever you are lucky enough to see the wild animals. Petar knows those unique places that not everybody goes too which is super awesome for us as small group tourists. He is also very flexible and fit: the road that led to another lake was shut down due to flooding, thus he led us in climbing the bear hump to see the Waterton Lake in a panoramic view! It was truly mind-blowing and definitely worth the half-an-hour hike.
I would sincerely like to refer Petar's HST to any tourist who is looking for great service and wants to have fun,  :)

Jamie J

Vancouver, Canada

Visiting National Parks with a National Treasure.

Our tour covered Calgary, and the Drumheller, Banff & Jasper National Parks.

When your tour of Alberta is infused with Peter’s expansive knowledge of its natural and anthropological history, and his sincere hospitality, it won’t take you long to realize that you made the right choice in your booking. His soft-spoken demeanor and friendliness will break the fourth wall between what would otherwise be any other client and tour guide naturally, leaving your mind wholly open to the beauty of mother nature as he enlightens you whilst rocking your world with anything and everything there is to know about the Canadian Rockies. All of the aforementioned qualities in Peter are a personification of the things that Canada is all about, hence "Visiting National Parks with a National Treasure". If it's your first time in Canada or even your first taste of the Rockies or any wilderness for that matter, you can bet Peter will elevate your experience to nothing less than otherworldly.

You can rest absolutely assured that his friendliness is not a result of a compromise between professionalism in any way, as he maintains the associated standards tightly, albeit subtly and nonchalantly under his kind demeanor. Peter is exceptionally skilled at spotting wildlife whilst maintaining the utmost respect for it, and is up to date on the most recent sightings of fauna, and as such will be able to offer you a great chance of catching a glimpse (or more) of them. Even if you’re not as big on wildlife as many other visitors, Peter knows the Jasper and Banff National Parks inside out and will be able to take to any of its numerous waterfalls, lakes, historically significant sites, and many others. If you need to wake up early to catch whatever you, it is you want to see, you can expect Peter to be impeccably on time consistently. Furthermore, Peter is kind enough to wait throughout whichever attraction you’re visiting (as he has seen them all numerous times), be it a cable car detour, the Athabasca glacier, or the Drumheller museum, or anything else your heart desires. Adding to this, Peter will be able to keep up with you if you decide to take up any of the more physically demanding trails in the parks, whilst wasting no time in helping you traverse any part of any trail you may find a little difficult to. So much of the stress of a big holiday/vacation (especially if you're from overseas like we were) is alleviated by Peter

One of our personal and unfortunate experiences serves as a testament to Peter’s hospitality and helpfulness, as we were planning to take the scenic train from jasper down to Vancouver, but were unable to do so without the risk of at least 12-hour delays. Peter dropped us to the train station but waited to ensure that we got on the train, to find that we would be unable to do so. We had booked a last-minute flight from Calgary to Vancouver instead, which attending was only made possible by the fact that peter offered us a lift on his way back to Calgary.

In conclusion, Peter gave us a flawless tour, some of which was in ways we never expected or knew we needed on a tour, and as such will always be using the criteria which Peter so effortlessly met in choosing tour guides for any of our future endeavors. If you’re looking to take a traditional tour of various parts of Alberta, or even a more off the beaten track approach, or any combination of the two, either way, Peter is THE guy.

The Patel Family

London, United Kingdom

Trip Taken July 27th - August 3rd, 2017

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